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HYT TC-508 Complete Crew Set

Additional crew member system. Includes one HYT TC-508,16 channel radio, drop-in desktop charger and behind the head, Platinum two-way headset with coiled headset cable. If you need special programming, give us a call for details.

Hytera Analog Race Set

Complete in-car and crew chief expanded radio system. Great high power system for use on longer tracks and road courses. System includes two HYT, TC-508, 16 channel, four-watt UHF radios, two drop-in desktop chargers, triple shielded custom built car harness, (not a cheap universal harness), velcro push-to-talk button, roll bar mount plastic radio box, helmet kit, foam earpieces, rooftop mount antenna with radio adapter, and behind-the-head, Platinum two-way headset with coiled headset cable......

Trac-Com Intercom

Trac-Com Intercom designed for Driver-Passenger communication. Adaptable to many applications. Manufactured and tested right here at our Mooresville location! The Trac-Com is the solution for racing intercoms and driver to passenger communications!

Student Helmet Booms

The Trac-Com Student Headset Boom is designed to work with many different applications. It has been adapted to work with Chatterbox units, Stilo, NASCAR, and IMSA car harnesses as well. Just plug the headset boom in and slip up into your helmet and that's it! This unit is designed to last. You won't have to worry about the cable pulling out of the housing anymore due to its heavy duty design and solid components......

Trac-Com Adapter Cable

Adapter cable for the Trac-Com Intercom. Locking 5-pin connector goes into the intercom. Cable length is 4ft. Available for Stilo, NASCAR, and IMSA helmet kits. Manufactured and tested right here at our Mooresville location! High quality cable for our racing intercom.